Hunter or Hunted includes interviews and contributions from the following technology strategy experts:

Randy Komisar
The Kleiner Perkins partner and well known author discusses the differing roles and realities for start-ups and incumbent firms.

Peter Micciche
Software industry veteran Peter Micciche discusses business ecosystems and the use of technology stack analysis as a strategic tool.

Lise Buyer

Tech finance guru Lise Buyer discusses leveraging technology to solve big problems.

Jim Sayre
Cargill Ventures President Jim Sayre outlines the role and impact of corporate venturing.

Dr. Cynthia Robbins-Roth
Bioventure’s founder discusses Patents, Intellectual Property, and Innovators.

Jim Barton
Tivo founder and valley veteran Jim Barton on TiVo, evolution, and competition.

Dr. Adam Fein
Wharton fellow Dr. Fein discusses industry shakeouts, and the lessons from online exchanges.

Michael Schrage
Well known technology expert Michael Schrage considers the case for competing on technology capability.

Cathleen Benko
One of Deloitte’s most senior IT executives outlines techology’s role in supporting competitiveness.

Dr. Annabelle Gawer
Insead’s Dr. Gawer, a platform leadership expert, gives her thoughts on platforms and modularity.

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