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Trading Technology Ambiguity for Technology Strategy

Hunter or Hunted - RochlinFor business executives, complexity and uncertainty often characterizes the competitive landscape and strategic choices surrounding technology and innovation. My 2006 Book “Hunter Hunted: Technology Innovation and Competitive Strategy” (Thomson-Cengage) dispelled many of the myths, and outlines the primary factors which determine why some firms thrive while others flop in adopting or introducing new technology. equips readers with a practical and effective set of tools to help them make better strategic decisions in the face of technology.

I have also written multiple Haas Business School Cases, including the Harvard Business Publishing Best-Seller “Oakland Athletics: Reinventing the Fan Experience and Business Model“, and “Hope and Grit: How Human-Centered Product Design Enhanced Student Mental Health”

I started writing seriously in 1989, and  publish primarily in industry/trade and academic journals.  Examples of this type of writing can be found at MIT Sloan Management Review,  in the Los Angeles Times, and via Linkedin. I  previously blogged on climate change and corporate social responsibility for care2 , and you can also read my posts on climate and energy at The Energy Collective, and my thoughts on sustainable business and CSR at Sustainable Life Media.

Time permitting,  I have a variety of projects in the works including a book project started several years ago on the impact of leadership on organizational culture, and a book on corporate social responsibility and engagement.


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