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As an innovation consultancy, we work with established corporations to identify new opportunities, generate a range of interesting and defendable platforms and discreet solutions,   and build testable concepts. We also help build internal capabilities — from insight generating processes to storytelling to experimental design — to make both short term progress and long term change possible. We have hands-on project experience with almost 50 of the fortune 500.

As a CSR consultancy,  we work to identify both issues and barriers, develop engagement strategies and innovation roadmaps, and build internal capacity across a wide range of social, labor, and environmental issues.

Innovation/Design Focus 

  • Innovation Readiness
  • Platforms for Growth and Changw

CSR and Responsible Business

  • Theory of Change 
  • Impact Assessment 
  •  CSR Diagnostics
  • CSR Strategy and Implementation
  • Climate Strategy 


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